Dc Battery Charger

Dc Battery Charger

We manufacture and export highly efficient DC Battery Chargers. Our DC Battery Chargers are usually air cooled type portable. Our DC Battery Chargers are made for dusty & humid climate at Railway Stations and other outdoor installations. Main transformer of the chargers is wound with copper wire / Strips. We use CRGO core for magnetic circuit of the chargers. The DC Battery Chargers mainly have Input �ON �OFF Switch, Input ON Indicator, Input Fuse, Rotary Switches with regulating transformer with main step up/step down transformer, silicon diode, rectification from AC-DC Ballast choke & output terminal. The output supply has surge separation circuit and a whole storage condenser.

Why Our DC Battery Charger?

  • Compact
  • Built-in safety arrangement for operator
  • Special Insulating Paper is used for transformer winding
  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient After Sales Service
  • Guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects


» Technical Details


Regulating Transformer Its copper wound Auto Transformer with CRGO Core & 6/8 positiom rotary switch for fine & coarse control. OR Stepless control (Variac / Thyristor) Main Transformer Is wound with copper wire and CRGO core is used for magnetic circuit. The design of the transformer is such that it can withstand long hours duty & short circuit currents which are likely to generate during charging. Silicone Diode Used for rectification to deliver DC voltage for charging the batteries of the diodes are connected in bridge circuit and they are manually air cooled type complete with surge seperation circuit, whole storage condenser & resistances. Ballast Choke Ballast choke is wound with copper wire and CRGO core is used for magnetic circuit. The choke is used for controlling the charging characteristics of the charger. Input Voltage Available 415 / 230 / 110 Volts AC three/single phase 50Hz. AC Supply. Output Voltage Ranges As per requirements Capacity Upto 500 KW Metering As per requirements Termination DC Positive and negative is brought on Bus Bars or Terminals, accordingly to the capacity of the unit. Control Coarse and Fine Control Knobs or Stepless Control with auto Protection Rotary ON-OFF Switch and fuse are provided upto 63 Amps. unit, switches fuse units are provided for higher capacity unit. Cooling Battery Charger are air cooled or oil cooled as per the capacity.

Additional Information

Product Code DC Battery Charger
Min. Order Quantity one Set(s)
Port Mumbai