DC High Voltage Tester

We are reckoned as an esteemed DC High Voltage Tester Manufacturer and Exporter in Delhi. Our DC High Voltage Testers are fabricated in our cutting edge units as per the approved standards. The DC High Voltage Testers that we manufacture come in different types like Continuous Type DC High Voltage Tester, Stationary Type DC High Voltage Tester and Portable DC High Voltage Tester. These DC High Voltage Testers give accurate results and are result oriented. These DC High Voltage Testers are offered at affordable prices.

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Stationary Type Dc High Voltage Tester

‘RE’ DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing cables, generators and other electrical equipments as per National and International specifications. The unit consist of variac, transformer , rectifier, condenser, bleeder, filter etc. All the components are housed in sheet metal housing or specially designed fiber glass housing


Portable Dc High Voltage Tester

Portable DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing underground cable, generators, switchgear etc. for understanding the condition of current leakage / insulation condition at any given point. These are extremely light weight units designed for field operation (Substation, Power Projects, Remote sites etc.). The units are delivered in custom