Oil Dielectric Test Set

Oil Dielectric Test Set

We bring forth technically advanced Oil Dielectric Test Set for our clients. This Oil Dielectric Test Set measures the Di-electric strength of the oil. Our Oil Dielectric Test Set has two high voltage coils with starting winding at earth potential. Our Oil Dielectric Test Set is meant for testing duty only. This Oil Dielectric Test Set tests transformer oil as per IS specification about transformer oil and electrode shape.

Types Of Testing

  • Motorized Oil Test set with Manual / Auto stirring
  • Manual Oil Test
  • Semi Automatic Oil Test Set


» Technical Details


Step Up Transformer A double wound secondary Epoxy molded Air cooled / oil cooled transformer is used to boost the voltage to required voltage. Voltage Control A step less auto-transformer (Variac) is used for controlling the output from zero to maximum. Input Voltage 220/230 V single phase Output Voltage 0-50 KV, 0-60 KV, & 0-100 KV Capacity 0.5 KVA to 1 KVA Metering Voltmeter is provided on LT side, calliberated to indicate the secondary output voltage Electrode Suitable size of electrode with adjustable gap is provided Potection (a) The unit consists of fast acting DC relay provided on HT side to cut off the HT supply in case of flash.
(b) Zero start interlocking is provided Test Cup A test cup of suitable size made of transparent thermoplastic Control (a) Potentiometer for output Voltage Setting.
(b) Switch for manual and auto use.
(c) Push button to increase or decrease voltage manually in case of manual position. Protection The design of the unit is such that it can withstand 20 percent overloading for short durations without any damage. Each unit consists of minimum-maximum range indicator, motor movement control Micro switch at the end of the range and oil Inlet & Outlet valve, oil level indicator, lifting arrangement for whole unit and transformer only, cooling radiator as per the capacity requirement. Optional Ampere meters, On-Off/switches Fuse, change over switch, under over voltage protection & indication with or without tripping, Arrangement, single phase protection. with or without contractor.

Additional Information

Product Code ODTS
Min. Order Quantity one Set(s)