Portable Dc High Voltage Tester

Portable Dc High Voltage Tester

Our clients can avail from us latest technology Portable DC High Voltage Testers. Our Portable DC High Voltage Testers are made with the use of cutting edge technology and facilitate easy operation. Our Portable DC High Voltage Tester has features which make it extremely accurate and prompt. Our Portable DC High Voltage Testers are supplied with 5 meter long input lead and 5 meter long output lead with sockets & clips. Our Portable DC High Voltage Testers come with digital meters for easy readability with a test terminal for zero error. Our Portable DC High Voltage Testers are used to test the underground cable to know the condition of cable-leakage at high voltage.

Why Our Portable DC High Voltage Testers?

  • Easy to operate
  • High Voltage Surge protection
  • Multiplier circuit for better life
  • Digital meters for easy readability

Available In : 30, 60, 75, 120, 150 & 220 kV models

» Technical Details


Input 220/230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz. Ac supply. Output 15-220 kV Capacity 150-2200W Cooling Naturally Air Cooled. Control SteplessRating : Continuous for testing duty HT Cable The equipment is supplied with five meters long cooper braided H.T. cable with HT plug and socket. The braiding remains on earth potential. LT Cable For input supply ten meters long 3 core cable is provided. Zero Start Interlocking This is to ensure that the H.T. shall not actuate if the voltage control knob is not at zero position. Earth Interlocking If proper earth is not connected the HT shall not actuate. Auto Discharging Arrangement The equipment consists of automatic cable discharging arrangement. Socket H.T. plug and socket has been especially developed by us with automatic earthing arrangement Meters mA meter and Volt meter are provided on H.T. side. The meters are well protected against surges and spikes. Over Voltage Protection H.T. Automatically trips in case of output voltage exceeds the preset level. Surges and Spikes Protection During the testing surges or spikes are often generated due to short circuit. The equipment is fully protected against these.

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