RE laboratories provides site callibration of various High Voltage, High current, electrical gadgets / instruments at unit premises. REL is a part of RE.
All the calibration activities carried out by RE Laboratories confirms to the requirements of International Standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The Laboratory endavours all the calibration activities at site as per the needs of the customers, regulatory authority and NABL as per the scope provided here.

» Scope of Accreditation

Parameters / Measured QuantityRangeBest Measurement Capability ±   Remarks   Equipment 
   ACLow voltage ( at 50 Hz)1  to 100V0.95%Inst03
Voltage ( at 50 Hz)100 to 1000V0.70%Inst03
High   Voltage-1 ( at 50 Hz)1-15 kV1.90%Inst05,Ins03
High Voltage-2 (at 50 Hz)15-100 KV1.50%Inst01
  DC  Low  Voltage1  to 100 V1.10%Inst03
Voltage100 to 1000 V0.80%Inst03
High Voltage -11 to 15 KV1.90%Inst04,Inst 03
High  Voltage-210 to 100 kV1.50%Inst02
 AC Low Current ( at 50 Hz) 0.1 to 1A1.80%Inst03
Current    ( at 50 Hz)  2 to 10 A1.00%Inst03
High Current( at 50 Hz)10 to 3000A1.00%Inst06, Inst 03
DCLow Current  0.1 to 1 A1.50%Inst03
Current2 to 10 A0.75%Inst03
Resistance  1m Ohm to 10 k Ohm1.50%Inst07
Insulation Resistance    1 M Ohm to  20 G ohm              4.0%Inst08